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Originally Posted by SuperHog View Post
As long as the name Magpul and logo are on the products, it is Magpul to everyone.

Just checked the back of the box on my AFG2, it says " PTS by Magpul Industries Corp".
There is a -huge- quality difference between real Magpul and licensed (pts) magpul parts. They literally feel different. (Different materials, specs)

Originally Posted by Danke
It seems that STAR became SRC and Ares went their own way.
My limited understanding of the situation is that STAR was manufacturing guns using a company in China, that company then stole their product designs and sold them OEM as ARES. ARES then made massive improvements on STARS designs (Metal gearboxes, different higher quality metals, less plastics), and simultaneously stopped producing STAR's guns, shutting STAR out and creating an aftermarket parts demand for STAR's guns as well as making guns better than what STAR had on the market, for less.

This is all hearsay, but if you followed ARES from when they first started up, it makes a lot of sense.

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