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Most similar to real steel recoil and durable (OOTB) will never happen. The 3 main companies you'll likely be concerning yourself with are Western Arms (WA), Wei Tech (WE) and KJ Works/Tanio Koba (KJW/TK).

If you want most similar, people are saying that the WA GBBR systems are the most similar but have a host of durability issues and you'll spend a small fortune on reinforced/upgraded parts.

If you want most reliable I would say it's a choice between either the WE Open Bolt system or the KJ Works/Tanio Koba M4.

If you want something that out of the box will work and don't mind the least realistic blow back action the KJW M4 is probably the best, but watch out for the "rubber band issue", a stupid engineering design on the manufacturers side where they literally use a rubber band that can on occasion snap.

If you can spend a bit of money on something nicer. There are "nicer" guns out there like Inokatsu but you'll be spending a small fortune in order to acquire one in Canada. Then there's the "classic" systems like Daytonagun, Sun Project, Escort, etc. Only problem is that they're not really realistic in that they require the use of a remote line connected to HPA but the kick on the Daytonagun is out of this world supposedly due to the steel parts in it (possibly CNC'ed as well so they're really nice).
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