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New to Airsoft and Interested and Have Questions

Hello there, new guy signing in, green as the grass.

I've fired a couple of airsofts before, one was an AK replica, the other was a Beretta 92 replica. I was very impressed with both although this was over 10 years ago. As a firearms enthusiast and owner, I would like to target shoot as often as possible, but the price of ammunition has gone up tremendously the past several years. I've read about the advantages of airsoft guns for people such as myself, who would like to shoot more but at minimal costs. In a nutshell, dryfire just doesn't cut it anymore, sadly.

I've read about the GBB versions of the M4 as being most similar to the real McCoy. I would like to know which manufacturer of M4 GBBRs that hold your recommendations. Money is not really an issue, so long as the said GBBR is of quality design and least likely to breakdown. I am quite meticulous about maintenance of firearms and enjoy the process of maintaining them, so doing the same for an airsoft gun is no problem here. I would like to practice frequently with the GBBR, maybe even daily, so a durable model which you can recommend and that replicates M4 handling is something I would like to hear about from you.

Thanks for taking time to answer this query.
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