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Inner Barrels and Accuracy

A quick question to those with experience:

I have a CQB version of an M4, 11.5 inch inner barrel length. I've been thinking of upgrading to a different barrel, and have been considering upping the length while I'm at it (14.5 inches).

So, the question. In your experience, would there be any appreciable difference in accuracy with a barrel that is 3 inches longer? Or would a tightbore of the same length I have now (11.5 inches) be a more worthwhile?

Really, I'm trying to decide if it's worth the cost or not. If I can pick up a tightbore of a shorter length that will do the same job as [an identical tightbore] of a longer length, I'll take that route rather than buying the longer one AND having to purchase a longer outer barrel while I'm at it. (Because trying to find G&P compatible outer barrels for an M4 is giving me a headache.)

And yes, I could get a silencer to hide the longer barrel at a lower cost, but I dislike how it looks, personally.

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