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I Have both a full-stock and ebr 14'S.

The EBR is a G&G max, really kicks asses (same as standard G&G m14 max, but the stock) but effectively front heavy! And there isn't much space for the battery... however it's way enough for a lipo 11.1v...

My std m14 was a 350$ cybergun, I have it since a few years now and have spent a LOT of money keeping it firing for our «new recruits»

They dont use the same mags and a few other parts a slightly different.
But the fact is that the G&G parts, or at least G&G compatible ones, are becoming easier to find, from my searches at least.

So the G&G ebr is very nice but the full stock is way more comfortable, unless you rest it on a bipod (which makes it even more front heavy).

And another dull part about the ebr kit is that the battery cover is held on the gun by 6 screws... yeah you can «screw» two of 'em... but it's still 4 screws to go before you can change the battery. What's the solution? a peq-box? still weight ont the front!

So if time travel was possible i'd say I would buy the G&G max with the walnut full stock. Its way more fancy!

and by the way, I've read that G&G was crap a lot of times on asc... But as a matter of fact, every G&G I saw never had a sigle issue.

That's my opinion

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