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You know what? You people piss me off. Seriously, you whiny prima donas. You do realize this place is run by volunteers, right? And someone else posted the Movember thing, I posted a temporary fix for people who couldn't access the site which is, in fact, of bona fide important to the site's operation (and I already had a poppy in my signature, Gunk, thankyouverymuch). On top of other tasks that need doing, AND on top of another select group of people who'll whine if the Age Verifications don't get processed fast enough so now I have to do that almost daily. And what do I get for my trouble? Jack and shit. Which also happens to be exactly the amount I'm getting from a the majority of my clients who are either going bankrupt or are otherwise failing to pay up in a timely manner, not that I expect any of you to give a flying shit.

Nonetheless, there's time out of my day for something on the front page -- mostly out of respect for those who served and continue to serve -- and a big side order of fuck you all for the whiny denizens of this place.

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