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Event signup and scheduler tools

Hi all. I have a small group of friends and we get together when we can and play. We all have demands on our time (spouse, kids, mortgage) so our time isn't as flexible as it used to be.

I'm trying to find a simple online signup solution where my friends and I can simply submit what days work best. That's it.

Right now we all call each other and level of miss-coms for who said what and when "broken telephone" are getting out of hand. I think a simple "click here if your available on monday" type of form would clean things up.

Google Docs has the ability to create Forms. It not the cleanest solution tho.
Wiggio and Cozi have elements in there schedulers that would help but it's massive overkill on features.

A simple signup sheet online is all I need. I'll even host it if I have to. Anyone know of a solution?
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