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Originally Posted by MaciekA View Post
I'm sure others will throw in some names but I will say that you can almost certainly trust King Arms, G&P, Real Sword, VFC, and for the most part, G&G if you know what details to look at internally.

Regarding Systema, you've asked how things have "changed", well, I'm pretty new to the sport and I hear far more snickering and grumbling about Systema than accolades. The only PTW I've seen regularly in person is one which constantly was in a non-working state (immediately after being purchased too), so maybe they're not all they're cracked up to be.
I'v been running my PTW since 2007 as my main gun very few issues if any! I havent used my ICS or G&P's in a game since buying it. It's usally not so much the gun as the person that does not take care of it.

On a side note,I'v used my EoTech (Real steel) since 07/08 as well,Just put a poly-carb cover on it and your good to go! Put one on my EoTech 3x flip to side as well.
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