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New here with one burning question...

Hey everyone, I just got my first decent AEG from a local store. Its the H&K G36C made by Umarex.,194,66.htm
The quality seems decent and everything but for the life of me, I cannnot figure out how to get the magazine feeder to work properly. It uses the standard style with the roller on the bottom to feed more into the actual 95 round firing section of the mag but there doesn't seem like there is any spring or mechanism to actually push the bb's to the top of the mag. I've used pistols before and know the basics and this has got me baffled. The "manual" is a load of horse manure and doesn't tell your anything besides the features of the gun. I hope I'm missing some big step or something cause I am feeling pretty dumb unless the magazine is actually faulty. :banghead: Anyone got any idea's? Thanks for your time.
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