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This thread has gone so 'out there', I felt compelled to drop my .2 in the fountain. I couldn't respond earlier because I was busy playing "airsoft".

Canada is a fantastic country. The grass is hardly greener on the otherside of the world. Many other countries have issues and problems similar to ours, except at the end of the day, I can drive for a mere 1 hour north or east, unload my tent, my beer and my dog and enjoy a weekend of serenity. We've got a beautiful country, that we're still free to roam and still free to express our opinions in forums like this without fear of the government.

As for the airsoft issue, I think we need to be patient. As stated earlier, the ban was on the manufacture/import/retail side of the 'sport'. True, it's a bit of a back step but I think the bottom line has always remained the same... stay quiet, properly transport your guns & gear, NEVER SHOW YOUR GUN IN PUBLIC, and play ONLY in locations that are either private lands, being always respectful of those prying neighbours eyes, or facilities that accept airsofters. Out of sight...out of mind! If you are so worried that the flow of guns may stop (and this isn't the first time we've had these discussions), then begin to build your weapons cache (Katey and Lisa excluded).

Lastly, IMO, the french are NOT "pussies" (no, I am not french). Historically as stated by Brian they've proven themselves, and in the modern world... well... take a trip to Fort de Nogent in France and sign up for the French Foreign Legion and I guarantee... you will return to Canada a lump of whimpering flesh with your tail neatly tucked between your legs and lips will be covered with dirt from all the kissing of Canadian soil you do!

Let my flaming begin.
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