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as a former club admin in one of the largest airsoft clubs out here in the west, we have had to deal with punkass fools such as these from time to time, our policy is "zero" you do anything to bring the image of our sport down in the eye of the law enforcement or public, you will be flamed, banned tar and feathered, there is no room for fucktards that want to ruin what so many for so long have had to fight and scratch for "acceptance in the community". The fact that airsoft guns can now be purchased so easy makes this job even more important, clubs have to do everything in their power to stay united on this lack of respect and distance themselves from the losers, if the law and community sees that we are making a very conscious effort and not just shrugging our shoulders and shaking our heads, they will be more forgiving to the sport instead of throwing poop on everything to do with airsoft, all people will see then if it ever came to legislation is, "ah get rid of these nuisance toys"
flame them, ban them, take pics and post them, dont be afraid to turn them in, our right to play this game and own the guns is only as strong as the commitment to keep the sport respectful, there is no way we will stop all stupidity but the obvious stuff in front of our face has to be dealt with firmly.
110% agreed!!!!
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