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As being the head leader of PR Manitoba, I cannot speak on behalf of Ontorio, but I do agree on previous post that, you cannot blame an entire team due to 1 member. If it was a flagrant negligence, I suggest one unload your clip on that said person till he does, whether it be in my team or another. To add, not every player is perfect. I suggest consulting the heads of any team if there was any issue FIRST rather than putting a blast on it. But then again, your field, your call, we’ll just respect that.

I appreciate the constructive critism that was given by T-Hell, Wrath, Multitech. I also have watched this thread grow and have noted these issues in my book. I personally hit up the boards after every game and ask for feedbacks on the team to improve the sport we love. I must have to say, PR is a HUGE team consisting of new and veteran players, I’ve noticed that the noobs have tendencies of being “zombies” and have engraved to them that this is a sensitive sport. When instances like these occur, we try to resolve it as quick as possible and through PM’s.

As Pacific Recon Manitoba and Pacific Recon in general, we will learn from this thread and keep improving in the game. Any sort of constructive critism will be taken into account and be dealt with accordingly. Thanks again for the point outs. Hope to see better games soon

-President of Pacific Recon Manitoba - Amihan Unit
-Manitoba Airsoft Association team representative

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