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I'd recently sold out on all the PDI W-Holds. I originally brought in 38 of them and they sold pretty quick, without hyping them at all.

Trying to get more now

Here's my original sales listing for it:

PDI W-HOLD Chamber Packing
New Design Hop Up Rubber!
  • 2 extruded ring grip portions provide a better fit against the inner barrel for a tighter air seal
  • Double contact points at the bucking for more consistant hop up performance
  • Nitrile rubber construction provides oil resistance, abrasion resistance and excellent tear strength for great durability
  • For AEG barrels
  • Also suitable for AEG-compatible inner barrels when used on PDI-made Chamber Sets for APS-2 / Type 96 / CA M24
  • Can be modified to fit Tokyo Marui M14 AEG and Next Gen. AEGs
    ( Cut off 6mm from muzzle direction for M14; 2mm for Next Gen. AEGs )
Price: $15
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