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As Reckless said, companies are now working with Canadian importers to build guns specifically for the Canadian market. That means that guns either have clear or tinted receivers / frames, or they're built with powerful enough springs so that they pass the muzzle energy limit prescribed in the Firearms Act to classify them as air guns / uncontrolled firearms rather than replicas which they were previously classified as. Most GBBRs already shoot hot enough out of the box to put them in that classification, so nothing needed to be done there.

Importing is still a pain in the ass, as restrictions and regulations are tight. It's not easy for importers, and even more difficult for individuals, which makes it not worthwhile ordering from abroad yourself. But at least now airsoft guns being imported and sold legally for what they are, rather than the previous shady practice of being imported by BFL holders for "film and TV production" purposes and then "falling off the truck" and being sold to airsoft players and collectors.

As for EOTech replicas, you can get Hurricane EOTech models for good prices used. I paid about $150 for mine used, and that's really not a whole lot more than one of the cheap crappy ones. For the most part, the EOTech replicas have gotten a lot better in the last couple of years. All but the cheapest ones are fully adjustable for elevation and windage as well as brightness. And their build quality have improved significantly over the original ones that came out a couple of years ago. Some will still not be bright enough for outdoor use in bright, sunny conditions. That's the biggest complaint I have about them.

That being said, I have a real EOTech and that's my preference. However, I don't really see the need to buy a $500 sight for an airsoft gun. I got mine used for a pretty reasonable price (not a whole lot more than a new Hurricane), so I went for it. But Hurricane is definitely the way to go for an AEG.
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