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Much has changed

So, I've been on a two year hiatus from airsoft, and it seems a lot has changed...

I started playing with two of my friends in the Vancouver area playing at Panther, and Bigfoot. My two friends left for the military, and I lost motivation to to get out and play. When I did play it seems I got into it at the worst possible time. Coming from paintball, the Canadian airsoft scene looked grim with no new guns coming into Canada, and a lack of new players coming into the sport. I payed for what seems like a premium now for a second hand Tokyo marui M4 off craigslist as my first gun being told no new guns could make it into Canada? I even remember when Warcraft games was raided by the RCMP, and had they're guns seized...

So I sold my airsoft gun to fund my firearms addiction. Now two years later I was around Mission and decided to walk into Warcraft games and to my surprise there was a wall full of guns, at good prices too! GGBs, full metal, and non-tined plastic. Talking to the guy at the counter he said they could pretty much import any gun I wanted. Now it seems airsoft is on the up, and up, and I'm considering getting back into it.

My only question is what changed? Laws? the CBSA? Canadian firearms act? I re-read the FAQs and understand you personally can not import a airsoft gun.

I posted this in the newbie section because airsoft is pretty all new to me again. Also what are the reputable brands of guns these days? Some of the companies I never heard of... Socom gear?

Also. Do ALL replica eotechs still suck? I have two real ones, dunno if I want to risk a smashed piece of glass.

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