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Originally Posted by ScottMcLeod View Post
Sorry man, gonna disagree with you on that one.

Looks like a gun, should be treated like a gun. (regardless of who's perception) I got no less than 3 barrels waved in my face at OP: Biohazard this week, and those were walcrap / crappy-tire springers, because people don't treat airsoft guns like GUNS.

In public - airsoft gun should be in a case, locked.

At the field (and not engaged in combat) - Barrels down, gun cleared and on safe (or even better, mag out and battery disconnected)

It's *our* sport. We *chose* to play with extreme realism. Gas blowback, black / painted parts, etc... We want it like this because otherwise we're the fucking rainbow brigade playing paintball.

We need to step up and be safer about it, for everyone's sake.
+1 HERE FOR SURE....quote"At the field (and not engaged in combat) - Barrels down, gun cleared and on safe (or even better, mag out and battery disconnected)"

Could not have said this better:wink: to the people that are supporting the mentality that this is all ok! "dont be scared and dont hide your guns"!! holy fuck man, give your heads a shake, obviously these people dont belong to an arisoft club and dont think our safety and handling rules are worth shit! cus that's how we treat our Airsoft guns at the clubs, like they are real, like they can melt your eye ball into a runny egg if it by a accidental discharge at 400fps point blank, and how accidents happen!

Now as for Real steel, chucking into the back seat of your car and go off to the range, clean it openly on your front deck, sure I know all about the real steel stuff too, been hunting since 1972 (yah before any gun tote'n laws) also spent 12 yrs in the military (still in Reserves) and other years in security, I have seen way more than people just cleaning their mossberg 22 on the porch, I also know a little about fighting for rights to bare arms etc etc. Man the hillbilly days of hanging your guns in the gun racks are long gone, cleaning your shooters on the porch with your wife beater shirt and a can of Duff beer is also long gone, too many bleeding hearts and too many video tapes and police files to back them, Oh sure you can still do it, but the ethics have changed in the eye of society.

Airsoft needs to be treated like a firearm, are they a firearm....nope...but they can severely injure and they look real enough to me, that if I was on patrol anywhere and someone drew down on me with 99% of the airsoft guns in the world to day, it would be a double tap 5.56!... be a realist, dont hide, just respect and promote.

And dont kid yourselves, if every police chief in Canada had their way, there would be no realistic looking Airguns of any sort, but if we want to fuck with it all, the next step will be like the UK and other parts or Europe, Orange Muzzle, Orange Body, or was it bright Blue? good times.
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