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In the Avd area i picked up an Ak for 120.00 came in a box in pieces..
put it to gether upgraded a few bits and it rocks.
its a semi cheapy in the fact its a cyma. but with a tightbore and a little TLC.
its a 200.00 aeg that will keep pace and range with the best of them.
Stovetop Work Shop The CYMA "Beater" AK47 - YouTube

then here is Stovetop Work Shop CYMA AK Beater Part 2 - YouTube

A local player here has the exact same AEG.. a quick coat of quiality paint and it looks like this now
EAR forum - some Custom paint scroll about 1/2 way down

have fun with your aeg, learn how it likes to play and play it that way.
save your pennies and get a reliable side arm or a Better primary.

but if you goto a game and they are having a pistols only round. your sitting out

Have fun buddy
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