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Originally Posted by Ryan92 View Post
Well, Friends got me into airsoft and while I only had a budget of about $200 for a gun I knew I would not get a very good gun. But I did manage to get this for $180 at canadian tire.... Worth it?
I saw a Tokyo Marui MP5 go for 200$ used with 9 mags, batteries, and everything you need to get started, was just missing a spring/catch on the slither stock.

Hell, I got my Palco M4 for 200$ with 6 mags, and a battery. I've since put a lot of work into the gun, including 3 mechbox rebuilds and about 100$ of parts, but that gun taught me a *lot* about gunsmithing for airsoft, so really it was a bit of a tinkering adventure, which is right up my alley. The gun now fires about 350fps with a tightbore barrel and a nice reliable grouping.

Get Age Verified, and start hunting for cheap deals. You'll find a much better gun for not that much more money, especially if you can convince the person to keep some accessories. (People are notorious for trying to package 500$ of crap around a 200-300$ gun.)

Besides. It probably won't look like crap, either ;-)

Welcome to airsoft. (can be) Bloody expensive, but worth every minute of it. Start savin' yer pennies! :-)
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