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Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
We all know it shouldn't be like this and that it's ridiculous that people treat them as such, but the reality is that the general perception is that 'looks like gun, sounds like gun = gun = we should be scared
Sorry man, gonna disagree with you on that one.

Looks like a gun, should be treated like a gun. (regardless of who's perception) I got no less than 3 barrels waved in my face at OP: Biohazard this week, and those were walcrap / crappy-tire springers, because people don't treat airsoft guns like GUNS.

In public - airsoft gun should be in a case, locked.

At the field (and not engaged in combat) - Barrels down, gun cleared and on safe (or even better, mag out and battery disconnected)

It's *our* sport. We *chose* to play with extreme realism. Gas blowback, black / painted parts, etc... We want it like this because otherwise we're the fucking rainbow brigade playing paintball.

We need to step up and be safer about it, for everyone's sake.
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