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Originally Posted by Janus View Post
It'll be an issue when Jane J. Soccermom has a panicgasm about it and fingerbangs her Motorola until 911 comes up and whargarbls about someone pointing a gun at people.

Believe me, it's happened in Canada over far less realistic k-mart nerf knockoffs.

When you invest as much as some of the people in this community have in this sport/hobby, you'll find yourself more protective of it and resent the stupidity of people like this.

And if you cannot see the problem with carrying what looks like an assault weapon in public, then you need... I don't know. Go register at and play with a piece of clowncum-launching plumbing equipment or something.
"clowncum-launching plumbing equipment" ha ha lol
was a nice car though in the second picture
likewise I'm wondering why those people are on the ground
they must be playing along I spose
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