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I empathize with the staff on ASC. You guys take a lot of time out of your lives to ensure ASC is an effective, quality online airsoft community. When an ASC issue like this comes up and you cannot do much about it must suck.
Following the thread, it seems more that communication is the issue. A couple of ideas that may (or may not) help:
1) Is there a way to have a staff member that is online more able to handle the communication?
2) could an 'advisory board' of contributing members/retailers who approve/not approve potential new retail members be created? Send a mass email to this board with the information and a timeline to respond. After the deadline, responses received are totalled and a decision made.

Just ideas I'm tossing out. I love ASC and would love to be able to discuss/promote my product and the retailers that carry it here, but I understand the limitations and appreciate the leniency when I have inadvertantly 'advertised' (thanks Illusion). I hope that answers/responses from the powers-that-be are forthcoming.
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