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@ OP: A 300 FPS TM if given a few upgrades could probably outrange a lot of the cheaper clones and be more accurate. Reason being, tighter tolerances and generally better QC standards.

eg. Take a stock TM or other high quality gun (KA, G&P, CA, VFC, etc.), assuming it comes stock with a 1J or M90 spring or whatever. It'll shoot pretty solidly and is perfect for CQB. Put in a new bucking (guarder clear, prommy purple or whatever the cool kids are using these days) and a upgraded hop up spacer and you'll be golden. Maybe upgrade the spring to an M110 and then you'll have a formidable gun for whatever you paid for it and upgrades that cost you under $40.

Finally remember that it's the player not the gun. I've been shot by a really really good player with a $15 Wally world special but for most people that just won't cut it. However you'll need at least something competitive. Sure you could get a cheapo snowboard from Wally world or whatever but wouldn't it be a better use of your money to rent a "real" snowboard or at least spend a decent amount of money on a decent entry level setup. You'll still probably get smoked by the pro sponsored riders riding Wally world specials against your entry level board but at least you can be somewhat competitive. You don't need to purchase some crazy Option, Forum, Ride, Burton or whatever setup but at least if you get a decent entry level you'll have fun ripping the mountains.
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