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Post Unable to gain retailer status.

So iv considered not posting this but I'm at a point now where iv really run out of ideas.

For the better part of 8 months (give or take) I have been attempting to sign up as a retailer here on ASC (as well as a contributor). At one point i was able to actually get Lisa to email me back however she stopped replying just as i was trying to firm up the details.

For the past 2 months i have been emailing and pming both her and mantalope basically saying "just give me an amount and a Paypal address and ill pay it" and yet they haven't even read the messages. I understand people can be busy and have lives and whatnot but really? months without a single reply?

Is there some other way i can go about this? or is there some reason they are not getting back to me? This is above frustrating at this point. I have never had to work so hard in my life to give someone else my money....
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