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I would also recommend you talk with your team about proper safety while in safe areas, keeping there goggles on when playing, wearing the proper goggles when playing, and that fun stuff I have to continually remind your team to do EVERY time your guys come out. Things like having ACTUAL barrel blocking devices, not gloves not boots not pouches you took off your vest. also the when your told to but a barrel sock on, you do so. I dont care if the mags out, no battery, and a unicorn shit in your barrel and plugged it up, its just for peace of mind. I havent seen to many complaints about not calling hits, as Colin said, if something of that nature pops up, its talked out and delt with. Flag raiders dosnt mind having your team out to play. Its a pretty solid group to play against, but you need to crack down on safety above anything else.
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No, but the pope was phone.

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