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while I agree on some points that in an organized event that cops said they were fine with, all it takes is 1 person to call it in.

Let me tell you folks about how gunphobic people are in this country. A few years ago, I was hanging out with a bunch of friends playing some games, and the topic of airsoft guns came up and how great a replica they could be. I mentioned that how just a few weeks earlier I had just come back from vegas and shot a bunch of guns. The guy says, hey, want to see it? I want to know what you think on how accurate it is in the look/feel since I shot the exact model it was based off of.

Next week, the guy brought it, and and were admiring it, he was showing the slide function (it was a co2 beretta) He was racking it, showing where the co2 went and where the BBs went. It was obviously empty and incapable of firing.

One of the guys was freaking out in TERROR. he kept asking us if we could put it away, and he was definitely uneasy even being around the thing.

So all you need is one of these guys out there to see you on the street, on your porch, in your back yard and make a 911 call and you have cops showing up and pointing the real thing at you.

We all know it shouldn't be like this and that it's ridiculous that people treat them as such, but the reality is that the general perception is that 'looks like gun, sounds like gun = gun = we should be scared'

I mean you have people calling 911 because they saw a kid pick up a toy gun wasn't even airsoft in a van on the highway. The girl didn't even point it at anything she just picked it up. People are irrationally terrified of firearms.
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