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My two cents(actually 4):

1- There are no guaranteed rights to possesion in Canada, especially when the possesion has the potential to cause harm to others. So our "right" to own firearms or replica firearms or airsoft is based on public opinion and how that makes the public in general react, and then how the government reacts to it. So why do something stupid like pointing a weapon at someone in public? Just because its a zombie walk doesnt make it all right. By that logic on rememberance day I have full right to dress up in my WWII kit and points an unloaded gun, airsoft or otherwise, at people as long as they are either dressed as a Nazi or kinda look German. Educating people about airsoft is not the same as cramming it down their throats. And what these people did isnt even close to education.

2-A radio station in Edmonton has a yearly Halloween party and some loser phoned the station on air asking if it was ok to bring his airsoft gun as part of his costume. The DJ went to great lengths to explain to him what a bad idea it was, after telling the listeners what airsoft was. Even he knew that what looks like a weapon in public, even during Halloween is a bad idea.

3-I have a blade called an iaiato(i think I spelled it wrong) that is used mainly for iado, a Japanese sword art where the first strike is in the same motion as drawing the blade. To practise this you use the iaiato because it has real size and weight dimensions, but the edge is only sorta there, just enough to know if you drew it alomg you skin while drawing the blade, and the point is also somewhat dulled. Who would think its a good idea for me to walk around town with it? I mean after all I know its not real?

4-Stop defending them. What they did is stupid and it is a good thing nothing bad happened. A woman in Edmonton once used the cops to commint suicide by pulling a partial clear airsoft on a cop. How many more incicdents like that happen and the police organizations that already dont relly like airsoft will push to get rid of it
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