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Really !? You might want to take a long hard look at the firearms laws and their history in this country in the last 20 years and then re read what you wrote. There is nothing illegal about owning and being using firearms, all unregistered firearms can be technically tossed in the back seat of your car and driven to the range. You can clean them on your front porch if you so wish.

All this hiding of things to avoid annoying or frightening someone has never protected a damm thing. This no guns in public garage is what happened when the real steel owners tried to placate the anti-gun crowd. Either we have freedoms or not, voluntarily giving them up is not a good plan.

Just to make sure I am clear pointing firearms or airsoft at people is a BAD IDEA, but having airsoft out at an organized event should not be. The airsoft community has to stop living in fear, and find ways to promote this sport as safe, reasonable and fun.

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I wore my stuff on halloween as a 'soldier fighting zombies' whilst giving out the candy. My guns stayed inside and out of sight. This is not a good idea, no guns in public fake, real or otherwise!
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