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... why has nobody brought up the obvious point that if one was a criminal, wouldn't the smartest thing be to just paint an orange tip on their gun?

(Warning: RANT) Stupid shit like the stories mentioned in this thread are what will kill the sport. The other day at a field in Ottawa, I saw a guy dry-firing a GBB from his car at one of the players. After tearing him a new asshole, his excuse was that "my window wasn't all the way down, and the gun wasn't loaded with BB's". I tore him ANOTHER one pointing out that *I* didn't know that, wasn't wearing goggles, and neither was the guy he was shooting at. If *one* BB was still chambered, that could mean the end of someone's sight. We need to remind the next generation of airsofters that airsoft guns are still GUNS, and should be treated as such. They don't have explosive charges, but they still fire a projectile, and can do serious harm, on OR off the field. The number of times I've seen barrels waved across people's faces lately has been climbing, and it's starting to piss me off. (ENDRANT / ENDTANGENT)

... glad nothing "bad" happened out of this, but I hope the people involved now understand how badly this could have gone.

... I like the idea of spiking the guns though ^_^ TOUCHDOWN THURMAN THOMAS! TOUCHDOWN THURMAN THOMAS - YouTube
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