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In response to the quote below, I understand perfectly why you feel this way, but consider this (BIG IF HERE) if the individuals gone to the organizers and gotten their ok, and then cleared it with police possibly with some form safety indicator such as the green tape they used or something similar.

Why should it be an issue, you have "zombies" shambling down the street why not zombie hunters. There is nothing inherently wrong with what they did, other than possibly breaking a local bylaw.

You should not be afraid to show off the gear associated with your sport, even if your sport is airsoft. These are in the last and simplest definition toys, ok big boy toys but toys all the same.

Real many steelowners have the same attitude they go through ridiculous lengths to hide the fact that they have firearms and use them. I am not referring to hiding their firearms from the criminal element but rather their neighbors and other law abiding citizens.

This is where a small special interest group who hates guns and anything to do with them has brought us. Anything to do with firearms is evil even toy ones.

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The law may not have paid any attention this time around but I believe it is important for us as responsable airsofters to put out there that actions such as this can not be accepted.

This last one comes down to the simplest thing of all, Darwin in action, you can not stop incredibly stupid actions by otherwise rational persons. Pointing any type of weapon real or otherwise at an armed individual, be it police or an armed thug will result in life threatening injury or death. Yes it will make the news but the simple reality in most cases is suicide by cop.

You can not more stop these things from happening than you can stop an earthquake or other nature disaster. Some people are simply wired wrong or just plain wired.

And remember unless you point that weapon at the police they will tell you drop it. If you choose to lift and point at them that is your personal conscious choice.

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I believe it would only be a matter of time before it would be front page news because some fool points a gun at an officer in fun or is seen pointing a gun at a crowd and gets the 9mm cure. Better that the message goes out right now that it is not all right and will never be allright to do what these fellows did, by doing so it might save a life later or at the very least keep the sport on the right side of the law.
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