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I live in a bretty average neighborhood, but there a still some shady characters, I use to always think about if some one came into my house Id have my timmy (pbg) out and just let him have it. Definatly aiming for the face, no fuckin way would I roll over and just let him take my shit, and besides what if he was some mantal fuck that was going to harm my wife and daughter. Nope. Ive got a few katana's, paintball gun and now airsoft guns that are ther at my disposal. I dont think some stupid punk kid is going to challange you when hes got an m16 pointed at his face, of course going to wonder if its real, but hes really thinking, "wow, thats a really big fuckin' gun, and im not sure if it is real or not." and run especially because youve debunked his whole getting away with it mentality.
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a Systema PTW is like KD, where the noodles are plated in gold and the cheese sauce is actually a pool of hot naked women.
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