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I am speechless. If this was in the Lower Mainland, B.C., these two individuals would be in jail right now.
I once asked a local cop five years back if "airsoft" was "legal". He said he'd ask his superior.
A week later, his answer was: "Yes, they are okay to own but, if you walk around with it in the streets I'll shoot you!".
(I had a stunned face for a few seconds)
He then follows up with, "You wannna know, well I am telling you".
Point taken.

Most of us here consider ourselves as "experts" in identifying what type of guns we see. We all know how M4, or P90 looks like, right?
But if I was walking in the street with my 2 year old "Trick or Treating" and I come around the corner and see several males walking around with M4's and M16's, while one of them is aiming at someone or something (as seen on the second picture), you think I'll stick around and assume that they are airsoft? No! I will not risk finding out the hard way with my child.
HHHEEELLLLLOOOO!!!! Columbine? Virginia Tech?
Any common sense at all? Any? Really?
Did these two decided to leave their brains on their computer table when they woke up that morning thinking that it was okay because of the event?

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