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I know exactly who all the guys in the pictures are. I will be making some phone calls monday morning thats for sure. It astounds me how some people think. Thank god it was during the zombie walk as another other time or day would have brought swift action against them.

I cant count how many times I've had people pull up to my store and carry in an Airsoft Gun uncased to be repaired. I lost my mind on a guy who pulled up on a busy Sat, opened his trunk whiped out a full metal AK, SLAP IN THE MAG! and come walzing into the shop asking if I'm the guy that fix's the "guns". I lost it on him and he assured me "it's OK, I do it at home in Newmarket all the time". :0 Needless to say he was shown the door right after I handed him a garbage bag for his "Gun".
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