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Black eye for airsoft

I was just at the Barrie zombie walk, hoping not to see any retards with their airsoft guns in public, I wasn't so lucky. What is wrong with these players, it's bad enough that we have issues with keeping airsoft out of the media in a negative way but it seems like these guys go out of their way to ruin the sport for everyone else that does what they are supposed to with airsoft guns and that is treat them like real steel guns due to the realism.....Do not show up at a zombie walk with you aeg, loaded with empty mags and batteries in, that's right these retards were dry firing their guns in public, pointing them at civilians! The moron didn't even understand me yelling at him "what the hell are you doing you retards" from across the road during the zombie walk (this is when they were dry firing at civilians, just dumbassery in general) he thought I didn't know where to go "telling me to follow them but go around", these colossal idiots shouldn't have airsoft guns.

Here's a list of guns in view of the public
Masada ACR black
a few canadian tire clear soft guns one of them being a shotty

All black loadouts, the P90 wielding moron was armored as if he were SWAT!

That's right I'm a player and easily recognize these guns.
My team and I wouldn't even conceive of anything so idiotic, anyone who's played with us knows this. We struggle so hard to keep our sport, players have to step up to the plate and get these idiots out of public view!

Wear your loadout if you wish but leave the guns at home, you're not helping the community at all. I could have gone to the papers with this but I don't trust the media, at least here everything stays as I write it!

Here are some pics of the retards in question! Enjoy, please ban these players from your field, these are grown ups that have less common sense in their whole head than there is in my little finger!
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