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Originally Posted by attack-beacer
but seriously no joke. if some fucker broke he wont come out with my stuff he will come out with EMS saying "sir can your hear me are you ok". my friend was broking in to last week $1700 gone just gone like that. he said if he was home it would be a little different outcome. But how many of you would ethier point your gun real or airsoft at him and say 15 sec run. i would the question is would you do it.
I wouldn't point an airsoft gun at a would-be attacker unless I thought I had clear shot at his eyes. Otherwise your threatening someone with a toy.

I would more likely grab one of more practical swords, and then proceed to tell him to f*ck off.

This at close range of course so that he couldn't pull something on me.

All this is of course would be last resort.....

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