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Oh yeah...and for God's NOT let anything break, so bubble wrap the gun for play. I know it sometimes harms the stealth of your play, what with popping cells and all, but at least your gun is protected. And by no means should you do anything on uneven ground or with trees around or in any adversarial fashion which might cause you to inadvertently bump into anything as that might cause unexpected and irreparable harm to the gun. In short, treat your gun like a Stradivarius Violins because be forewarned that it could, in the blink of an eye, become one seriously expensive paperweight, unless, of course, you need a Tar-sized and weighted paperweight, in which case...well, give 'er!

All in fun, but I'm sure you see my point!

Originally Posted by LocoYokoPoco View Post
I've only owned one gun from ARES. My TAR-21.
I love the external quality of the gun, it's beautiful and durable.

The internals are OK. The stock gun had a fairly significant air leak in the nozzle. Otherwise, the gun was fine out of the box. The biggest issue is when you try to replace broken parts. I had a broken tappet plate, spring guide and gearbox shell. I did manage to source the parts from ZshotUSA, but it was very difficult and expensive. I wish the gearbox was made of some steel or other material, because the zinc alloy is weak.

Proprietary parts is the big turn off.

Would I recommend ARES? Yes, if you don't plan on upgrading. But if you're like me and you like to upgrade and tinker, I would suggest otherwise.
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