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Originally Posted by Padkiller View Post
Well, just another horror story!

So, just made a deal with a guy, smooth transaction!

So, expected my gun today.....CANADA POST FAILURE INCOMING!

Looked at their website for tracking, saw these: Attempted delivery, they should have left a card on my door!

Nope, they said it was being resent to the shipper!

Reason: He wrote 584 rather than 548 for my adress!

GUYS AND GALS: NEW POLICY FROM CANADA POST:YOU'LL HAVE TO PAY (SHIPPER) 15-20$ IF YOUR PACKAGE IS RETURNED AND PAY AGAIN FOR RE-SHIPPING IT! Reason the bitch at the local post office said: They enforce this policy so that people won't write wrong addresses! Their words

IMO theey just want as much money as they can make, because they lost a fucking load of people and money with they stupid strike. My words!

So, people, I wouldn't ship with them anymore, really not recommended, they won't try to help their customers, they want to fuck as much as much they can with their customers!

Good luck with them guys!

Umm. This is a CanadaPost complaints thread, not a "my seller is dyslexic" thread.

On another note, bought something from apparition, but somehow my package ended up in Montreal. Go figure.
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