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As one of the founding members of Pacific Recon team in behalf of the all members i would like to apologized for the bahavior( Not calling hits) of the team on some games they have played. This will serve a good lesson for the entire team that Airsoft is a game of respect and integrity. i have suspended all pacific recon badges on any games. (Please PM me if any of PR will attend any of your hosted games )As a team we will be conducting more training for the team on ROE and respect. Senior leaders are now conducting investigation on those members that are involve on the said games. I have addressed this issue in our bunker and informed all senior leaders that we will revoke the membership of any member/s that would not adhere to the ROE of the game. Just to inform all host that he have taken action on this issue when it was brought up to us before, thats why we have instructed team leaders to reach out to the OPS team every game break if all are ok and if there are issue so we can take the right action. once again our sincere apology to all. We will sending some invites to senior members OF ASC on our game training. this is to ask your assistance to observe our team re-assestment if possible. we are here to enjoy and learn the team camaraderie through airsoft games.

Official statement from Pacific Recon.
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