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Originally Posted by Disasterpiece
Originally Posted by parkercu
vehicles would be aweosme to have in an airsoft game....but there should be designated roads where the vehicles can only stay, speed limits, signs and all that jazz
True, but that kinda sucks because it really restricts the drivers mobility. Maybe you could make just make some kind of waver that says the community is not responsible for deaths/injuries due to fast moving vehicles that may or may not be piloted by a felow airsofter. :-D

That looks like one of the stupidest things I've seen on these boards. While airsoft isn't exactly as safe as knitting you should always be opperating with your fellow players in mind, that's why we have FPS limits and wear eye protection. Restricting the drivers mobility is something that takes away part of the advantage of the vehical over foot transport, even things out a little.

It's airsoft, not bloody 4x4 smash up derby.
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