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As a player I've had my fair share of problems getting PR members to acknowledge their hits, spawning at the wrong location, etc and every time it happens I make sure I go and talk to the person who is not playing fair. Perhaps I should have gotten a name but I try to give people the benefit of the doubt when I point things out.

As a host I have also received complaints about PR's conduct on the field (from people I trust and whom I have played with for years), though in these cases I have not witnessed it myself. When this happens, I make sure I tell the senior PR member at the game about it and hope that they sort it out, however the complaints usually continue.

I understand that we're playing a game where we're shooting small projectiles which carry little energy and that everyone is wearing a lot of gear (which is why I always tell people to fire for effect) but people are starting to notice the non calls and other things. It's a shame because the members that I do know, I feel are friends.

If the PR brass would like me to elaborate further on my observations, let me know here or privately. This is not meant to be a witch hunt and I hope that PR takes this criticism constructively.

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