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I'm Distressed that it has come to this.

I think the leadership of PR needs to take a long look at their player base, There is clearly some inconsistency in behavior.

It's unfortunate that the behavior of what is a minority of members will cast a pall over the entire team, but this is the risk of establishing a team,
You are as good as the behavior and Character of your worst member. It's far easier to label a team than it is an individual.

The fact is that the issues and complaints have been consistent for some time, and all the promises to address and resolve the issues have not resulted in a reduction in incidents.

It's not easy to deal with these things internally, Friendships can be bruised, But your standing in the community is very clearly at significant risk, Few hosts will come out so forwardly as Dagger, but this is only the public "tip of the iceberg" Rest assured there is a consensus within the informal Hosts Community that this issue needs to be dealt with.

Fair or not, the perception is that you have an issue with persons who do not accept and acknowledge hits. and this perception is not new nor is it without grounds, nor is it punitive or petty. It's real and now very very public.

How this is dealt with by PR from here forward will establish your success in rehabilitation of the reputation of your Team.
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