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Well im new to the game this year, i have a private field that i run games on for friends and special invites (friends of friends, etc.) and really havent encountered this. Although playing in a setting where everyone knows everyone, and will probably be going to hang out together later kinda forces the honesty. No one wants to be "that dick head" later on. I have however had a few shots like everyone has said above, where you are not sure if you got hit, did a stick whipped your gear as u are running? etc. Personally if i have thoughts i got hit i'll call it, I hate to call it but i do, if you dont whats the point in playing?? (hell sometime the excuse to go to the safe area for a drink or a snack is welcome) I mean what challange is there if you can just walk along and not be eliminated??
Im guessing these are the same people who beat a video game with a code then tell people how good the are...
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