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Originally Posted by Maethori View Post
I'm also not a fan of raising all the fps limits. For one the limits are generally there for safety reasons. Secondly, that creates a disadvantage for people using guns with lower velocities. Some builds legitimately work better (ex. hop-ups) at lower velocities. People can tell well enough if they were hit with the current limits as long as they are paying attention.

But I think in the end, come on, this is just a hobby. We aren't going to die or be seriously injured if someone bends rules. Players aren't losing anything measurable if hits aren't called. The amount of fun you get out of something is really up to you! If something isn't happening properly then a) deal with it calmly and maturely b) avoid the situation in the future, or c) don't let it bother you.

To the first part...raising FPS limits with "known guys" is no issue at all. Typically the shot making and shot taking is so much clearer and distinctive that it's never an issue. Adding 50fps sucks ass in CQB, completely not necessary, but it opens up a whole new game (not that the guys in Alberta, etc...haven't been doing it for a long time already).

To the second part...A LOT of guys invest a lot of time, money and energy into every game they participate in. Some games have months of lead up time, dozens of volunteers and complicated logistics (and that may be just to find a babysitter ). EVERY player stepping onto the field at ANY game has (and should have) an expectation that everyone else will be holding themselves to the highest levels of game play...since AS is an honour based game. And in return, every other player on the field expects the same in return. Once that is's a shit show.

Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
Rounds that bounce off the ground and hit you don't count, just FYI.
Originally Posted by Cobalt Caliber View Post
I know, it was just I called it and was kinda like, didn't need to call that.... meh unlimited respawns and its only a short walk away...
Cobalt...that's exactly the judgement that's needed on the field. When guys switch their brains off and say, "look, I was hiding behind this indestructable leaf so you couldn't hit me"'s never does anything good for the game play.

I'm certainly not perfect. I'm missed taking uber light hits from snipers...I've lain in a shallow depression and had rounds land all around me and not called it...etc... No one is perfect, but all you can do is keep your brain working and learn to do better.

I've also gotten hit on the side of the boot from what was probably a bounce...but since I couldn't tell for sure, I called out. I've also had someone get the stone cold drop on me...only to rip off a string of misses/miss-feeds...and called out. What's better for the game...someone working the bush for 30min to get someone dead to rights (it was a sweet move on his part), or for me to call the "hit" and go and take a 10min respawn?

Same with "grenades" and 40mm's...a switched on brain is the only thing that really makes it a really good game, otherwise we might as well strap on a 6 pack of hicaps and just hose down the area until it's a carpet of BBs.

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