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Originally Posted by Gord (Frogman)
Clearly you'll be able to hear a vehicle coming a ways off, and if you get run over, I would say it's more than likely your fault.
It depends on the vehicle. Zero Delay's DPV I'm assuming will be good and noisy, but I know when we had a Volvo on the field (new model, new engine) it could glide up at 10kph and sometimes you didn't hear it until it was right on top of you, if you were looking in the other direction, and guns were going off nearby. We relied on very limited use of the vehicle to keep it safe (but we had no pre-planned permitted paths, we just relied on common sense - no tearing across fields, or pushing through brush).

That notwithstanding, the benefit and fuck yeah cool factor of vehicles in games makes it worth making the effort to incorporate them, and make it safe. And even under very restricted circumstances, any vehicles are great to have on the field, as long as your drivers are walking on eggshells the whole time, and don't run Spleen over. He's fragile.
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