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I've been airsofting for just the summer, and have loved every moment of it. Now I wear amour in that my plate carrier as mock plates in it, but I've always tried to call my hits when ever I hear or feel them. I hope that in doing that other players do the same.

I myself have seen a round bounce of the ground and hit me so lightly that if I didn't see it, I wouldn't have known it hit me. I called my hit.

I've also had times where I am sure I've put enough rounds to hit someone. But my SCAR only shoots 310fps and honestly I wasn't 110 percent sure so I kept my yap shut (Being a new player doesn't give me allot of credibility either).

All and all even with a few 'non-callers' I've enjoyed my airsoft experience one of the main reasons I started playing was to look badass all in gear, the combat is sweet bonus to me. Honestly I've played all those video games you all seem to hate. But I understand they are video games and this is airsoft. One has graphics the other is real life.

I actually enjoy getting hit to an extent, if your not getting shot at your not in the thick of the fight!
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