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You need to step back, far back and look at the Ares situation.

Distributor relationship is with the Ares and their dealers. The dealer relationship is with you, the customer. Customers that do have problems with their Ares guns go to the dealer for support. Even though all airsoft guns are sold with virtually no warranty. The ones that are TM compatible can get their gun up and running with either original parts or aftermarket parts.

In the case of Ares, if one of the proprietary parts do break, the dealer is helpless to take care of their customer. I am sure ASGI sold many Ares and have their bunch of customer satisfaction issues and use their videos to vent.

People that owned Ares that never have a problem, that's great. But if your gun breaks, and it happens to be a proprietary part, then come back and post your happy feelings.

In Canada you pay a lot more for an airsoft gun, and a broken Ares that can't be fixed is .....

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