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Originally Posted by SKI
Miles, Do the bbs leave alot of dents in the body work? I've thought about using my truck for some games. I don't mind all the scratches as it's seen alot of off road use already. It's the little dings from the bbs that I don't like.

We must have put upwards of 10K rounds into that Volvo, all the way up to 420-430fps, plenty of shots from point blank range (it was Frank's call to bring that onto the field), and I don't think we ever found even the slightest hint of a dent, scratch or any damage at all. There were others there, maybe someone can correct me, but I remember going bumper to bumper on that to see if we'd done anything, and turned up zilch.

A heavier round at sniper velocity (500) might do it, mind you, we could have been just at the threshold.

Although technically cars need to be able to take pebble strikes at highway speeds, and even tiny pebbles have alot more mass than bb's, so I guess it wasn't a surprise. Still, it took a crazy man to risk his ride on the field, and he was lucky...
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