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Originally Posted by Lex
-This is defiantly a scenario vehicle, not really fair skirmish wise, nor is it really to useful. (circling the field slowly, hmm, doesn't sound too fun)
We've used vehicles in a number of games (scenario and skirmish - with every player's consent of course), sometimes just for shits and giggles - I'm thinking Frank's volvo here, who remembers dropping the smoke grenade down the sunroof, or bb's up the tail pipe? - you don't even need to drive around much, just having a mobile base turns into a defacto objective, besides the fact that everyone wants to shoot the shit out of anything with 4 wheels on the field. Be prepared to draw alot of fire.

Maybe some penetrable armour plate? Cardboard walls here and there, frangible, but that can stop rounds for awhile?

As far as safety goes, sticking to open tracks and decent speed is still fun, and very easy to stay out of trouble.
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