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I'll go dig up the numbers. But don't kid yourself. With have a higher rate of violent crime in Canada (violent crime being a serious offense most often committed with a weapon) then in the states per capita. Same in Australia (where pretty much all guns are banned). The facts stand out crystal-clear: criminals have no more fears of breaking in or assauling someone.

Responsible citizens should have the choice to have a weapon for personal defense. Maybe not CCW (like I'd like, but Canada's got a bit of ways to go before even remotely accepting that), but a quick grab-and-go weapon for home defense.

Why? Home invasion with the person there is rapidly increasing. Criminals no longer fear anything gonig into a house, since they fully know they're usually the only ones that have a firearms at their immediate disposal. God I REALLY want to find that paper now, they polled all the inmates at a maximum security institute... 98% said they would NOT attempt to break in if there was a good chance the person was POSSIBLY armed. Forget definitely having a gun, but even just a chance of one being there. Deterrence is the best weapon against violence. Two years less a day (for minimum security) for gagging someone, threatning to kill them, etc., in a better environment then alot of poor people live in, is definitely NOT a good deterrence.

I'm sick and tired of how the Liberals say "you can only be a coward, possibly die", instead of fucking letting us defend ourselves.

People in this country have to really, REALLY quit fucking blanketing themselves with arrogance saying "oh we're better then the states that stuff doesn't happen here". Drop it. IT DOES. You've just been over-slabbed with Liberal propaganda from Canwest (a.k.a. "Global) and CBC. The stories of a person successfully defending against an attack with a firearm will ALWAYS be hushed.

I bet you ANYTHING, if someone broke into a homeowner's house, and the homeowner tried to defend themselves with a firearms he had open, just needed loading, they'd try to make out the homeowner as the monster. It definitely wouldn't be the first time they've done just that.

Of course, the current people in power find the most fucked up way to handle it, the incorrect way.

I'm tired of being criminalized. I am a fully law-abiding (save a few MP3's) citizen of this country, have no criminal history, yet I'm still made out to be the demon because I support defense, with whatever measures necessary. This country is just plain FUCKED UP. For once, just for fucking once, I'd like the convict to SHIT HIS PANTS. To be afraid of committing a break-in, or a rape, or whatever else, because he knows it might be the end of his sad, miserable, pathetic life. I want him to be afraid, and I never want to question my own security and how quickly the police will respond (and in Sudbury, it sure as hell still isn't quick enough).

The answer is clear: Drop the gun registry, quit criminalizing honest citizens, quit wasting time in the House of Commons, and spend that money on upgrading our jail facilities.

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Just keep to not shooting people walking down the street with your airsoft, it's working so far.

As long as no one fucking does like the retards in Victoria again... :smack:
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Fucking bullshit. I just checked my flyers and I didn't get no 'Cluepons'. Assholes :rrr:
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