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My thoughts so far:

-10 km/h speed limit sounds right.

-Keeping to a designated track or road makes sense, less chance of driving over someone. But to be fair, the jeep is not exactly a quiet vehicle nor will it be moving fast, which means hitting someone with this thing should be very unlikely. But safety first, so whatever works.

-The M60 being cranked to 400 fps makes sense, considering it's stuck on the jeep which will be stuck on "rails" (the designated roads/paths)

-As for rollover, there's no worry if I'm going a max of 10 km/h.

-As for a limiter, I'll be throwing the jeep into 4 wheel drive low when playing. This will limit first and second gear to that speed, second gear redlines at 10 km/h at this setting. Not speedy, but safe.

-This is defiantly a scenario vehicle, not really fair skirmish wise, nor is it really to useful. (circling the field slowly, hmm, doesn't sound too fun)

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