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Ares should change the way they do business if they want to STAY in business. Their current business model of not providing replacement part will only allow their business to be sustainable for so long before enough people get pissed off at them and say fuck it ares you suck.

So far it seems ares has made a name for themselves with a product differentiation strategy. That is offering guns no one else has been really offering. But without replacement parts it's only a matter of time before the competition catches up and surpasses them on they strategy of offering unique guns. And those companies will probably offer replacements.

With regards to the comment about staying out of public forums. Well I for one feel its a smart more on Z shots part. Its always a benefit to find out what your customers honestly think about your product. Don't assume, go out and ask.

This takes me back to a business lecture way back when. "Be proactive and not reactive." Find and address problems before they happen rather than address them when it's too late.

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